Visa Services 签证服务

Visa Services

One stop service for all applications of visa to overseas and also visa to stay in Thailand.  Our charges are reasonable and our standard of service is high.  Our services include the preparation of documents, translation, transportation arrangement, model-interview, etc.

Unbeatable record for settlement visa applications   After a period of more than 15 years, all of our clients who sought assistance from us for fiancee visa and spouse visa applications in relation to the following 7 countries which we have dealt with have been successful until April 2016 when one Thai lady’s UK spouse visa application was refused becauseher husband failed to satisfy the financial requirements despite of our prior warning to him.  
1.  UK
2.  USA 
3.  Australia 
4.  Canada 
5.  Norway   
6.  France
7.  Ireland 
超过15年的经验 申请移民签证到英国,美国,加拿大,法国,挪威,爱尔兰和澳大利亚得到辉煌成功记录

Visa to UK 
Visa to UK is the most popular one in our company.  For tourist visa applications, we are maintaining about 90% successful rate.  For settlement visa applications, all of our clientshave got their settlement visas by one attempt except one
client who took our advice in making a 2nd application
rather than appeal in order to get the visa quicker and thengot her spouse visa in 2 months’ time. Our experience in
Visa applications to UK has shown that all our clients who
obtained their 1st tourist visas through us have never been asked to attend any interview with the British Embassy
officer and all of them could obtain their settlement
visas.    For those applicants who failed in their tourist visa
applications, we have been able to help all of them by
getting a tourist visa or another category visa.  Here are some of the precedent cases previously handled by us.  The
first one is about a fiancee (settlement) visa to UK.  The Thai lady (called “Lek”) had a regular job for working many years in the restaurant of a hotel.  However, Lek couldn’t get her
tourist visa by her own application.  Lek came to our office
for advice and we came to an advice that she would have abetter chance to get a Visitor (Marriage) visa than a Visitorvisa in her new application after knowing that they do have a plan to get married.  All the documentation had been ready for submission and our consultation fee had been fully paid by them.   For personal reasons, the visa application had
to be withheld. After nearly 2 years have elapsed, Lek came to see us telling us that she would like to marry her
boyfriend and stay in UK for an indefinite period.  We
advised Lek that she should think about getting a fiance
visa to UK.  Their initial reply to us is that they do want to
get a fiance visa, but Lek’s boyfriend couldn’t afford to pay our consultation fee for a new application for a settlement visa in addition to the Embassy fee and Lek’s air ticket.  We told them no need to worry as we would only charge them the difference between our consultation fee for a tourist
visa application and that for a settlement visa.  So they
don’t need to pay us the full price. They were so grateful to our decision.  Without any interview by the British Embassy, Lek successfully obtained her fiance visa through us.  
Perhaps, many people would ask us why would Lek be able to get a settlement visa without any interview by the British Embassy officer when her own application was a Visitor visa was refused.  The answer is very simple.  Applicants must
not lie to the British Embassy (In Lek’s case, we advised her to tell the Embassy about the break down of relationship
because of misunderstanding and the reason why no
supporting documents for a certain period of time could be produced) and all the required supporting documents must be produced to them.  The second one is about a tourist
visa application.  The Thai lady who had a regular job for
working in a Travel Company for many years.  However she couldn’t get herself a tourist visa by her own application. 
At the end she obtained a tourist visa successfully through us.  For settlement visa applications to UK, we have come across many interesting precedent cases.  Here are some of
the cases. The first one is about a settlement visa to UK 
application about 9 years ago when we successfully
obtained a settlement visa for a Thai girl who was only 19
years old at that time when her husband was 72 years old
after their 1st application through another Visa Consultant was refused. The second one is about getting a settlement visa successfully in 4 days’ time for a married Thai lady without any interview by the British Embassy. The third one is
about getting a settlement visa in 7 days’ time successfully
for a Thai lady who applied for her settlement visa just
about 1 month after the registration of her marriage 
without any interview by the British Embassy. The fourth
one is about a settlement visa which we obtained for our
client and it is another excellent result of our hard work. 
This client sought visa assistance in a visa company in
Bangkok and was advised to apply for a tourist visa
although they had married and their original intention was
to get a settlement visa for the lady.  It seems like a very
simple case on the face of it.  But, the tourist visa
application was refused because of the fact the sponsor is 
on social security benefits.  They came to my company for 
visa assistance.  We advised them straight away that if they want a settlement visa, I would advise them to apply for it.  A lot of hard work had been put to this application.  At the end, the thai lady obtained her settlement visa in one
month’s time without any interview by the British
Embassy. The fifth one is about a Thai lady who obtained a fiance visa but didn’t get marry within the 6 months’
period and then came back to Thailand believing that she
could go back to UK even after the 6 months’ visa had
passed.  We assisted her in apply for another fiance visa
with the supporting grounds and that 2nd fiance visa was
granted in about 1 month without any interview. In our
view, the British Embassy is liberal and generous to some
Thai applicants who are different from others general Thai
applicants. The first one is about getting a tourist visa successfully for a Thai lady-boy who was about 30 years old
when his boyfriend was over 70 years old without any
interview by the British Embassy. The second one is about
getting a tourist visa successfully for a Thai Gay man
without any interview by the British Embassy. 

Visa to USA / Visa to Canada        
Visa to USA or Canada is probably the most difficult application for Thais.  Visa to Australia or Norway is also very popular.  For settlement visa applications, we are proud to say that we are still maintaining 100% successful rate for 6 countries which we have dealt with so far over the past 6 years, namely UK, Australia, Canada, France, Norway and USA.   We could have chosen to lie that we have dealt with countries more than these.  But there’s no need for us to do so.  The fact that we have experience in dealing with the settelement visa applicatoins to countries like Australia, Canada, France, Norway, UK and USA means that we surely have the ability to deal with settlement visa applications to all countries in the world.  For tourist visa applications, it very much depends on the background of the applicant and the proof of relationship. We have experience in tourist visa applications to other countries like Austria, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Netherland, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.  Visa application forms for countries like Australia, Canada and USA are even more complicated than those of UK.  Also, the forms are updated quite often.  So, the applicants are advised to obtain the updated application form from the relevant website of the Embassies.  Otherwise, you will find it very inconvenient to complete the updated form at the Embassy on the date of submission of applications.
Flexible Payment Terms
Recently, we have just introduced a new plan for our customers applying for visa to overseas.  This new plan enables our customers to choose from the list of services to be provided by us in order to save their costs.  For further details, please contact us by email ([email protected]) or telephone (081-6220128).
  Visa to Stay in Thailand (Retirement Visa/Marriage Visa/Non-Immigrant Business Visa/Non-Immigrant O Visa) (退休签证/非移民商业 或 O签证)
Now, let us talk about Visa to Stay in Thailand.  For many countries like Australia, Canada, Ireland, EEC countries, USA, the visitors can stay up to 30 days without obtaining any sort of visa from the Thai Embassy.  If you are over 50 years old and you want to stay in Thailand for one year or more, we can help you at reasonable costs in getting everything done including the proof of 800,000 Baht savings or income.  You will find it very convenient and convenient  if you use our services.  If you have this intention, you are advisable to get a Non-Immigrant (O) Visa for 3 months from the Thai Embassy in your country before you come to Thailand.  Otherwise, it will cost you extra costs in getting that Non-Immigrant (O) Visa before you can then apply for the retirement visa for 1 year. If you married a Thai lady and you need assistance in the application including the proof of 400,000 Baht savings or income, we can help you at reasonable costs in getting everything done.  For the same reason as above-mentioned, it is advisable to get the Non-Immigrant (O)  Visa before you come to Thailand. 

Latest successful case for UK visa
A Cambodian lady successfully obtained a tourist visa with permission to marry in February 2019.